Fashion Photographers And Their Three Worlds

Whenever you hear the words photographer and fashion, what do you start thinking about?  Probably you think of a woman or man, young and full of talent who is eager to make his or her mark on the world.  The fashion world indeed works at a very fast pace and does need somebody with lots of energy in order to keep up with everything.  It isn’t necessary for a fashion photographer to be young.  However, it is important for them to have tons of energy and a very thick skin.  In addition, they need to have a good eye to help them view fashion in new ways that can then be translated into photographs.  A majority of Shanghai photographers live in three different worlds.  Some might focus on just one of them.  However, at some point in their careers, most will end up exploring all three of these worlds.
The Runway

Whenever most of us think about fashion photography and its high stakes, we usually think about the runway such as New York Fashion Week.  It requires you to have a quick trigger finger when using your camera, and you can’t be someone who will start to daydream while on the job.

These are the photographers who take the photos that appear in the news articles that announces new fashion lines being unveiled for the first time to the world.  Usually they tend to focus mainly on the model.  However, the model isn’t always the focus here.  A good photographer will focus more on the fashion that the model is wearing.  The photographer’s job is to ensure that the fashion designer’s outfit is properly displayed in the most flattering possible way.

The Studio

Whether the photographer is shooting for a high fashion magazine or catalog, it is important for them to know how to take impressive indoor shots.  Although it is true that in these pictures there is much more leeway in focusing on the model, it is still expected that the photographer will make the fashion appear beautiful in its own right.  Somebody taking indoor photos will need to be knowledgeable about how artificial lighting should be used effectively.  There are also major opportunities for taking close-up photos in gorgeous high definition settings.

The Outdoors

At times a catalog spread or photo editorial will be shot outdoors.  It presents the photographer with a whole new set of challenges.  The main thing is the photographer will need to know how to best work with natural lighting.  It can be tough since the photographer is unable to control the positioning and movement of the sun.  Getting the lighting in outdoor settings just right is its very own art form.

Time is also of the essence.  When you are indoors, it is always as light or dark as you need it to be.  Usually you can have a studio for however long you need it.  However, when you venture outdoors the sun does eventually go down and others are going to want to use the same space.  It is essential for the photographer to have excellent time management skills.

A majority of people who are involved in fashion photography will experience the three worlds mentioned above at some point.  It is very rare to have enough talent to master all three of them.  However, it isn’t anything you need to be ashamed of, especially if you happen to be really good at one of them.  No matter what your passion happens to be, the world of fashion and photography awaits you.

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